First beam profile !!!

This Tuesday, May 31, 2022 will forever remain a key date for the PEPITES project and all its participants. It was indeed at 10:09 a.m. (!) that the detector, installed the previous week, delivered its first diagnosis in the form of the transverse profiles of the 68 MeV proton beam delivered by the ARRONAX cyclotron. With a dedicated ASIC developed by CEA-DEDIP as part of the project, we were able to “see” beams ranging from 20nA to pA and measured signals as low as 30fA! Great successes for this project started a few years ago and which augurs great work to come.

First ARRONAX 68 MeV 1pA beam profile. 


PEPITES in its vacuum chamber with its z-manipultor on top, installed on ARRONAX AX1 line.


 The PEPITES detector upside down. (credit Sylvaine Pieyre-LLR)